Have you ever visited the wonderful fortress overlooking the ancient village of Gavi ? If the answer is no, I suggest you  to visit it …

The fort of Gavi is a historic fortress built for defensive purposes by the Genoese on a pre-existing castle of medieval origin.

The first document that mentions the castle of Gavi dates back to April 18 of the year 973, or more than 1000 years ago.

In the hands of the Genoese, the ancient castle of Gavi underwent a series of changes over the years caused by the war. In fact, his inviolability was at risk in the 1600s with the advent of gunpowder and therefore of firearms.

The first test of fire dates back to 1625 when the ladyfingers united with the French tried to conquer Genoa by hitting the castle.

At this time the Republic of Genoa decided to strengthen the structure by hiring one of the greatest experts of the time, Fiorenzuola, who began the transformation from castle to fortress.

Small curiosity: Fiorenzuola was a Dominican friar named Gaspare Maculano who wearing the habit combined his name in Vincenzo Fiorenzuola precisely.

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