Spumante - Brut


Appellation: Spumante Brut
Alcoholic strength by volume: 12%
Bottle capacity: 75 cl
Annual production: approx. 7000 bottles
Vineyards position: Gavi
Average vineyards height: 210 m above sea level
Exposure: south-west
Vineyard age: from 15 to 20 years old
Variety: Cortese 100%

The soils are composed by sea deposit covered by an alluvial blanket, gravel and a weighty sand bed (PH 7.5) with a neutral soil composed by sand for 64%, clay for 6% and calcareous sediment for 10%. The soil is well-drained.
The grape harvest is done manually and usually starting at the beginning of September. The wine-making is the typical white with light pressing of the grapes and the fermentation is in stainless steel vats with the use of selected yeasts. The bottling is usually done at the beginning of February.  

Organoleptic test
Colour: intense pale yellow
Scent: to the nose it presents a subtle and frank bouquet of good intensity with orange blossom and
Taste: in the mouth it’s crisp, dry with a subtle scent of citrus and almond with a pleasantly bitter and a
persistent finish 
Refinement: -
Pairing: it pairs excellently with vegetables starters and courses with delicate sauces, fish starters, rice and pasta with seafood, fish and white meat main courses
Serving temperature: serve at 10°C in mid-goblets  

Fish starter

delicate sauces

delicate sauces



fish main course