Appellation: L’Amée
Alcoholic strength by volume: 5.5%
Bottle capacity: -
Annual production: -
Vineyards position: -
Average vineyards height: -
Exposure: -
Vineyard age: -
Variety: Muscat

The grape harvest is done manually during the first half of September when the juicy and ripe grapes have a beautiful yellow – old gold colour.

Organoleptic test
Colour: bright pale yellow with delicate green shades. A delicate white foam turns into a fine and very persistent perlage 
Scent: aromatic, floral and fruity bouquet
Taste: for the modest alcohol content it has an agreeably sweet and crisp taste and a right sour sapidity. It’s smooth and rich in musky taste typical of Muscat grapes. The aromatic persistence is very long and intense.
Refinement: no. For its own features of sweetness and intense aromatic persistence this wine doesn’t need ageing. It should be drink when new because its sweet smell and floral freshness lessen with the passing of time
Pairing: -
Serving temperature: -


jam tarts

Amaretti di Gavi